Store open during the summer
Monday–Sunday at 12–16

Drop-off is closed during the summer

Always check with us first

At Bye Buy, you’ll find clothes, shoes, toys, and items for children up to approximately twelve years old. Everything we offer is carefully selected, in good condition, and entirely circular. We may look like a common store, but we’re not.

Our concept is based on stocking items to sell them in the appropriate season. This means that our assortment follows the seasons and what you are looking for is available when you need it. We can always offer a large selection in every category and size. Of course, you can try items at home in peace, as we offer returns on clothes and shoes.

The future is circular—Bye Buy simplifies sustainable action.

All our items is consigned by individuals and sold on commission. Interested in selling too? You can bring items in any season; we’ll curate the best, and you’ll receive a share of the profit upon sale. We know exactly what sells in our store and the optimal timing for each item throughout the year.

Opening Hours

During week 28–32 the store is open daily at 12–16 and the drop-off is closed

The store

Monday–Friday at 10–18
Saturday–Sunday at 12–16

The drop-off

Wednesdays at 10–14
One Saturday per month at 12–14:
31/8, 28/9, 26/10, 30/11

Interested in selling too?

How wonderful that you’re interested in selling with us! You find our drop-off ten meters to the right of the store entrance.

Read below about how it works and what you can consider to increase the chance of your items being selected for sale.

Remove anything that is stained, broken, with pillings, incomplete or purchased more than eight years ago. You can bring:

  • Outerwear and clothing from newborn up to size 152 cl
  • Shoes, boots, and sandals up to size 37
  • Baby and children’s items and toys up to 12 years old

All textiles should be freshly laundered. Place muddy shoes and boots separately from other items. Fold and pack your items in something you can leave with us where nothing risks falling out.

The first time you drop off items we will need to see your identification when we register your customer account. You can choose to link an additional person to your account.

You can leave up to 50 items per occasion. We will go through what you leave at a later time; items that are not selected for sale will be passed on to charity and you cannot retrieve them.

Upon drop-off, you will receive a receipt with information about the sales period, the date of drop-off, your personal information and our contact information.

We are very selective when making our selection to create an attractive range of high quality. The sales period runs for over a year to cover all seasons. We price with consideration to the original price, condition and demand. Normally sales start between one and three months from the drop-off date. As soon as an item is sold, you have money to collect when you visit us. 

We calculate your profit from the sale as follows:

  • 30 percent: Shoes and boots in new condition. Outerwear, toys, and children’s items that require no action to achieve saleable condition.
  • 15 percent: Clothing, swimwear, base layers, and accessories. Outerwear, shoes, and boots, as well as toys and children’s items, requiring action such as ironing, buttoning, assembly, packaging, as well as minor repairs or simple cleaning.
  • 0 percent: Children’s books, underwear, socks, tights, and bibs. Items requiring more extensive action to achieve saleable condition, such as washing, stain treatment, extensive repair, refurbishment, or providing functioning batteries.

that in cases where we need to discard items such as stained, broken, odorous or clothes in sizes too large, we charge an administrative fee per discarded item. Similarly, if you leave more items than the maximum of 50 at the same time, an administrative fee will be charged for the items exceeding the maximum. The administrative fee is 10 SEK per item and is deducted from your earnings.

As soon as any of your items are sold, there is money to collect. All payouts are made at the checkout in our store upon presentation of identification. The money is deposited into your bank account via your bank card.

Your earnings are available for two years from the last time you left items with us. You can contact us yourself if you wish to receive information about the status of your items. You can call, email or ask us in the store.

Of course, you can also use your earnings for purchases or let them remain on credit with us for future purchases.

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